Kitchen Concoctions / Nutri-licious

New Twist on an Old Fave: Kale Avocado Pesto


Kale and Avocados are regular staples in my kitchen, and when my daughter’s 2nd grade class learned to make kale pesto last month, I figured there had to be a way to include heart-healthy, nutrient-rich avocados to make a creamy version of one of my favorite sauces.

Thank goodness for The Veggie Nook, which had a great recipe for Avocado Kale Pesto, which I only adapted slightly.  I used fresh basil instead of dried, left out the nutritional yeast, and replaced pecans with pignolis.  The lemon juice really makes this dish shine, and I like the use of garlic powder to tone down the bite of using fresh.   This version contains no oil or cheese, and is gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, and topped on gluten-free rice pasta, it was a delicious lunch at work this week!


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