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No Place To Go, but the Winter Farmer’s Market

It’s a lazy Saturday, thanks to the snowstorm that is expected to begin any minute here in the Northeast.  I had all kinds of plans this weekend, but all of them have been called off due to the weather.  I can’t say I was altogether disappointed.  Although I could have really used a night out with Andrew, I’m relieved that I’m not hosting two overnight guests and a housefull of girlfriends for brunch tomorrow.  In hindsight, I bit off more than I could chew this weekend, and it seems Mother Nature is swooping in just in time.

After climbing out from the jumbled mass of pointy knees, jumping feet and wet kisses that greeted me this morning,  I realized that we actually had no plans – something that just NEVER happens.  I was so happy to read online that the Winter Farmer’s Market in nearby Rollinsford was happening, and immediately planned my day around it.  The winter farmer’s market started about three years ago, and it’s a huge gift to anyone who enjoys cooking and supporting local agriculture year-round.

A few of our goodies from the Winter Farmer's Market!

A few of our goodies from the Winter Farmer’s Market!

So off we went, all five of us to the same place…something else that just never happens since we added Alex (nearly 2) to the mix.  It was our first trip since early winter, and we had a ball.  Alex ran the aisles with me trailing quickly behind him, but stopped in his tracks when he spotted 1/2 pint bottles of local maple syrup – perhaps he thought they were perfectly sized, just for him.  Despite my attempts to entice them with all the healthy farm-fresh offerings, Sarah and Miles, my older kids, headed straight for the baker with freshly made scones, doughnuts and muffins, and used their own tooth-fairy money to pay for their selections.   With the snow coming and our plans cancelled, I thought it would be the perfect weekend to roast a pan of root veggies, and I found a bounty of turnips, parsnips, beets and garlic waiting for me in the corner of the greenhouse market.  After chatting with a friend and watching the kids throw pennies into the greenhouse’s waterfall, I stopped for two bags of tried-and-true greens from our favorite winter farmer, and heard the local goat cheese across the market calling my name.  A 5 oz. log of chevre and a dozen eggs later, we were on our way home.

Do you have a Winter Farmer’s Market near you?  What are your favorite finds?


2 thoughts on “No Place To Go, but the Winter Farmer’s Market

  1. Hoping your favorite winter farmer’s name is Dave! 😉 Either way, thrilled you are enjoying Winter’s bounty in Maine.

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