Kitchen Concoctions

Sunday, Sunday

What a Sunday!  Despite a steady snowfall that lasted throughout the day, Sarah and I trekked out to Trader Joe’s early enough to spend the rest of the afternoon cooking up a storm of our own.  It will be a busy week, and the only way I stay on track is to prepare as much as possible.  I eat breakfast and lunch at work, and have found it really easy to stay on my gluten-free, dairy-free, low-sugar plan by making a big vegetable stew for lunch, a portable breakfast that can be quickly warmed up in the microwave and some go-to power snacks for before or after my workout.

My kitchen was a disaster, but by the end of the day I had a dairy-free kale, red pepper and mushroom frittata, a batch of crunchy roasted chickpeas, a gluten-free minestrone stew with quinoa and red beans, a pan of roasted root vegetables (using the goodies I found at the Winter’s Farmers market yesterday morning) and homemade Lara bars (thanks to my friend Jodi for the recipe!).


(I’ll be posting each recipe later this week and will link back here.)

I am grateful to Andrew who cooks dinner every night, but I miss cooking…so I must admit, Sunday’s meal prep is only part work and mostly pleasure.  I love being in my kitchen with my family, and while the kids often help by chopping vegetables, cracking eggs or running the food processor, I dash between multiple recipes, checking my laptop for precise measurements or winging it altogether and hoping I haven’t forgotten something in the oven.

What a day!


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