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Walking on Sunshine

Go Figure.  The very day after I switched my gym membership from a quarter-mile away to the much more convenient location in my office building, I got the incredible urge for some fresh air.   When you live in New England, sunshine is precious in February, and although the days are growing noticeably longer, my cubicle walls were closing in on me at lunchtime.  I needed to get outside.

I’ve been wanting to speed across town to Back Bay to look at swimsuits at the Athleta store anyway (yes, I’m that nutty girl who buys a swim suit in the middle of winter). Now that I’m undeniably hooked on swimming, my black Old Navy one piece is just not holding up against the chlorine, and I admit, I feel like a dork wearing a non-athletic suit at the pool.

So off I went, heading through noisy, busy Downtown Crossing, across the Boston Common where a few late-winter skaters were still gliding across the Frog Pond ice rink and through the Public Garden, still one of my all-time favorite places on earth.  Even before arriving at the Mecca of active and comfy wear, I felt myself relaxing all over.

public garden winter

I’ve become so focused on the quality of my workouts this winter that I’ve forgotten how therapeutic it can be to just get outside.  The bright sun, crisp winter air and the beauty of the city that I love put a definite spring in my step.  (The fact that I had a meeting in exactly one hour didn’t hurt either).

Where is your favorite outdoor destination when you need a recharge?   How do you fit it into your regular routine?


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