Kitchen Concoctions


popcornIt’s funny.  Every time I sit down to write a post about a new recipe, a snack idea, or anything else for that matter, I seem to immediately go back in time to my childhood.  It’s amazing how food seems to conjure up those memories, no matter how far removed you think you may be from the way your own parents did things.    There is no escaping the influence of generations of parents that came before us.

Today’s example is one of my family’s favorite snacks: popcorn!   While I personally love to pop it over a hot stove, that method is tough when you’ve got little ones running around, as it requires constant attention..  I was thrilled when my parents gave us a hot-air popper one year as a Christmas gift, remember all the fun we had in the eighties popping corn this way.  Unlike the stove method, no oil or butter is required, and you can serve it plain or with a wide variety of seasoning and flavors.

Recently, the folks over at 100 Days of Real Food posted this awesome recipe for Cinnamon Glazed Popcorn and we gave it a try.  Now, my son asks for it…”Can we make that yummy popcorn?”  While the recipe calls for butter, it’s only a small amount, and you could easily substitute coconut oil to make it dairy-free.  We left out the cashews because nuts are the one thing my kids have not embraced, but I’m working on them!  This is a snack that will please everyone in the family, and can be packed in lunchboxes for a portable, wholesome treat.  I’m craving some right now!

What are some of your favorite homemade popcorn flavors and recipes?


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